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About Ian

About Shiphoto

In 1996, after a thirty year career serving in shipping operations and stevedoring, the principal of the company, Ian Edwards, turned his maritime photography hobby into a full time pursuit.

Ian has been photographing ships and Sydney's waterfront since the late 1950's. These early photographs form the basis of our collection, with tens of thousands of images providing a photographic record of Sydney's modern maritime history to the present day. Although shipping in Sydney has changed over time, its former glory has been captured in print. In many of our photographs Port Jackson provides a spectacular backdrop, with vessels passing by icons such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Born and raised in the inner Sydney waterfront suburb of Balmain, Ian's passion for ships began as a nine year old, when he would visit the local docks with his grandfather, a ship's carpenter, and several tug masters that were family friends. Entire weekends and school holidays were spent on tugboats, or exploring Sydney's waterfront. A passion for photography went hand in hand with ships, and his first childhood images remain a valuable insight into the Sydney shipping industry of the day.

In December 1973 the principal's first visit to Singapore and Hong Kong opened up new shipping horizons. By 2010, he has visited Singapore well over 120 times to photograph ships in the world's largest commercial port. He has also photographed ships in numerous other Asian ports and in the last five years frequent visits to the port of Istanbul.

Our site is frequently updated and images of interest are added continuously. As Port Jackson is now a shadow of the port it once was, images of historical note will be included.

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