QUEEN ELIZABETH and QUEEN MARY 2 arriving in Sydney at dawn 22nd February 2011

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Feb 22 2011

Grand Princess, The Grand ship with a small ship feel

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Sep 27 2010

The much coveted small ship in the circles of veteran ship travelers, Grand Princess was launched in 1998 as a mega liner that perceives itself as a mini liner. Designed and furnished with train of luxuries, the ship sports vast hallways and gaping theatre that contradict its general reputation of a small ship.

In support of its launch idea, the company has smaller restaurants, bars and lounges than an average full size ship. However, the ship offers a lot of activity, recreation and abundant in dining options. It is hardly realized by the travelers that they are on board with another two thousand six hundred passengers! It is thanks to varied options in each service that make it possible for everyone to enjoy an intimate time minus too much of hustle and bustle. For instance, you can dine at three dining rooms with choices between flexible timings and traditional routine. You have three swimming pools, 9 whirlpools and one evergreen Calypso pool, to have fun to your best capacity. Luxurious Lotus spa, 700 plus balcony cabins, three show lounges and centers for kids & teens render this ship ideal getaway for families. However, if you are not too keen for a traditional experience, it is a good trip idea for couples and newly weds as well.

The largest bulk carrier ship ever built

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Sep 13 2010

MS Berge Stahl

Does curiosity ever grip you as in which of the bulk carrier vessels is the largest, ever to sail the oceans across the globe? The name of the biggest bulk carrier in the world is MS Berge Stahl. It’s a popular ship that is a part of Bergesen dy ASA fleet.

Originally registered with Monrovia of Liberia, the bulk carrier sports the flag of Norway’s Stavanger at present. The vessel is designed to carry iron in large quantities. 343 meters long, 65 meters wide and 23 meters by draft, the huge ship is a make of the year 1986 from the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard. As expected out of any colossal vessel, the bulk carrier is powered by 27,610 horse power (2.59 Mega Watt) Hyundai B&W engine. Dead weight of the vessel is 364,767 metric tonnes.

Indeed, a common point of keen interest for anyone with any idea of mechanics of a ship would be how much speed this ship can achieve from so much of horsepower? Records sing its speed at its best to be 13.5 knots. One thing even more interesting about it; the bulk ship has a rudder about 9 meters high. This means that its rudder is equal to the height and width of its main engine – 9 by 9 meters.


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Sep 06 2010

Disney Cruise Line
One of the most popular cruise lines is the Disney Cruise Line. Starting in the 1980’s, Disney began organising cruise vacations with an arrangement with Premier Cruise Line targeted at families and featuring costumed Disney characters. In 1995, Disney commissioned its own cruise ships at Fincantieri in Italy creating the present entity.

Operations began in 1998 with the Disney Magic, which was later augmented by the Disney Wonder in 1999. Both ships comprise of 300 rooms each with dedicated areas for various age groups like children, teenagers and adults. The ships are the first in the cruise industry to be designed and built from the keel up as family cruise line, with the goal of accommodating parents and children. Unlike other cruise ships, Disney’s does not include casinos.

The ships set sail from Port Canaveral in Florida to the scenic Bahamas and the photogenic Caribbean Islands. In addition to the two ships, Disney also owns and operates a private island in the Caribbean called Castaway Cay, which is used as a port of call for Disney’s ships. In 2007, Disney announced the launch of two new ships, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. These will set sail in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Picture it with majestic ship photos

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Aug 09 2010

Over the years, Sydney port has changed a lot. The place is constantly changing still. If you wish to freeze a face of it as it is and cherish it forever, you can do it now with one of the ship photos available for sale online.

Nowadays, an easy search online leads your way to a whole e-store of comprehensive collection of ship photos, sailing or anchored on Sydney port, – right from the legendary Cunard cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 to the contemporary Queen Mary 2 or some cargo ship photo – you name it and you would find it here.

queen elizabeth 2  ship photo
Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship

If you fancy aerial view of the ships, you can find a large variety of them at our website. You may be fond of watching bulk ships elegantly sailing past the Sydney harbor, with the Sydney Opera House and the cityscape in the backdrop. You may love with their collection of passenger ships/ cruise liners including Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2, both sailing on the azure waters of Sydney harbor, however, representing different time zones. In fact, you can hope to find every ship in the book in such an e-store, including but certainly not limited to Tugs, Tanks, Naval ships, Australian/ NZ ships, container ships and Ro-Ro ships.

Ship photos at fingertips

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Aug 09 2010

If you feel a ship sailing in the wide expanse of deep blue water is a spectacular sight worth cherishing on one of the walls of your office or home, here is good news. Some of the seasoned aficionados of marine landscapes, into clicking photos of ships on a regular basis have now launched their websites to cater ship photos to public at large.

queen elizabeth 2 ship photo
Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Ship

Queen Mary2 and Queen Elizabeth 2 Ship Photo
Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary Cruise Ship

You can now hope to find exclusive ship photos taken decades ago. From Cunard’s ace cruise liner Queen Mary 2 to the once upon a time queen of the sea – Queen Elizabeth 2, on sail at the ever changing Sydney port; you name it and you would find even a decade old cargo ship photo on one of these sites, that too for a very reasonable price.

In case you like aerial view well than otherwise, the amazing variety is likely to sweep you off your feet. You will find aerial view of all kinds of ships online. The years of experience at hand with the web masters of these sites shows in their almost never ending variety. Who knows you might even find your options online even better than what you had originally expected or imagined.