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Grand Princess, The Grand ship with a small ship feel

Grand-class cruise ship | Posted by admin
Sep 27 2010

The much coveted small ship in the circles of veteran ship travelers, Grand Princess was launched in 1998 as a mega liner that perceives itself as a mini liner. Designed and furnished with train of luxuries, the ship sports vast hallways and gaping theatre that contradict its general reputation of a small ship.

In support of its launch idea, the company has smaller restaurants, bars and lounges than an average full size ship. However, the ship offers a lot of activity, recreation and abundant in dining options. It is hardly realized by the travelers that they are on board with another two thousand six hundred passengers! It is thanks to varied options in each service that make it possible for everyone to enjoy an intimate time minus too much of hustle and bustle. For instance, you can dine at three dining rooms with choices between flexible timings and traditional routine. You have three swimming pools, 9 whirlpools and one evergreen Calypso pool, to have fun to your best capacity. Luxurious Lotus spa, 700 plus balcony cabins, three show lounges and centers for kids & teens render this ship ideal getaway for families. However, if you are not too keen for a traditional experience, it is a good trip idea for couples and newly weds as well.