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The largest bulk carrier ship ever built

Bulk Carrier ship | Posted by admin
Sep 13 2010

MS Berge Stahl

Does curiosity ever grip you as in which of the bulk carrier vessels is the largest, ever to sail the oceans across the globe? The name of the biggest bulk carrier in the world is MS Berge Stahl. It’s a popular ship that is a part of Bergesen dy ASA fleet.

Originally registered with Monrovia of Liberia, the bulk carrier sports the flag of Norway’s Stavanger at present. The vessel is designed to carry iron in large quantities. 343 meters long, 65 meters wide and 23 meters by draft, the huge ship is a make of the year 1986 from the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard. As expected out of any colossal vessel, the bulk carrier is powered by 27,610 horse power (2.59 Mega Watt) Hyundai B&W engine. Dead weight of the vessel is 364,767 metric tonnes.

Indeed, a common point of keen interest for anyone with any idea of mechanics of a ship would be how much speed this ship can achieve from so much of horsepower? Records sing its speed at its best to be 13.5 knots. One thing even more interesting about it; the bulk ship has a rudder about 9 meters high. This means that its rudder is equal to the height and width of its main engine – 9 by 9 meters.