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11 Walsh Bay-1
Sydney waterfront -
No 9 and 10 Walsh Bay-1
Northern Star passing Walsh Bay
Opera House with G.Marconi
Orion at 8 Pyrmont
Oronsay sailing
Passenger vessel departure from Pyrmont
Polynesie at Circular Quay
Promote and Provide at Darling Street Wharf
Pyrmont wharves
Pyrmont Wharves No 16 -19
Sydney Cove View
Toba after demolishing crane in Sydney
Toba after demolishing crane in Sydney-2
Tyning sailing from Walsh Bay
View from Bamain East
View from Thornton Park , East Balmain
View of Balmain East 2007
View to Darling Harbour from East Balmain 1959
View west from bridge
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